Tips for a Successful Industry Conference

DATE: Jan, 1   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

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An industry conference can be a great networking opportunity, and a chance for people to learn about and discuss things with leading people from their field, or relevant businesses. There can be some significant benefits to hosting an industry conference too as a way of raising the reputation and perceived authority of your brand and staff within your sector.

If you are considering holding an industry conference in 2018, here are some things to consider to make it a success.


Timing your conference is absolutely key. Most industries have some seasonal variation even if you don’t consider your own field to be seasonal – as an example, most office based businesses are less productive during the summer months because this is when staff tend to take time off. Other businesses, such as retailers, are busiest in the run up to Christmas.

You need to plan your conference outside of the busiest times in your industry, when people are unlikely to want to take time away from their usual work to attend, but also outside of prime vacation periods. This will get you maximum attendance and also allow your event to be a priority for the people who come in terms of their mindset about work at that time.


Your location needs to be somewhere that is easily accessible from major travel hubs. This is important whether you are expecting people to come from out of state or not – even a local industry conference for people in your city will be less inclined to make the trip if your event is located out in the sticks! Make sure you also choose a site with all the amenities people will need – parking, hotel accommodation, catering, and ample restroom facilities. If your event is going to be an outdoor one, for example events in the motoring or agricultural industry that require you to be able to show outdoor machinery, then ensure you have enough Satellite portable restrooms to cater to your planned number of attendees.

Recruit Speakers Early

The most important thing about any industry event is, at the end of the day, how much value people get from what is said there. You are likely to have some plans for your own business’ speakers; however you’ll also want to fill up your schedule with other speakers and know what they are going to cover before you start marketing your event to your desired attendees. While you may not be able to confirm every speaking slot before invites start going out, having most of the speakers and their subject matter known will make your event a much easier sell! Start targeting the speakers you’d like to have involved or asking relevant businesses if they’d like to contribute speakers as early as you can in the planning stages – pretty much as soon as you know a date and location.

By being efficient in planning your event and giving plenty of notice, you’ll have a much better chance of creating something that will have a lot of impact.

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