Tips For Making Your New Home A Green Building

DATE: Dec, 12   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

As technology has progressed, we have learned more and more about our individual impact on the planet’s environmental stability. Now that we know, “knowing is half the battle,” as the He Man theme song taught us. Knowledge carries along with it an innate accountability.

If you know that something you are doing is causing harm, it is your responsibility to amend that behavior. Building an environmentally sound home is one of the most influential ways to reduce your carbon footprint on our planet. Here are a few ways to make your new home a more efficient structure.

Every home build begins with materials

You simply cannot build a building without materials. Start at the ground level with your environmentally sound choices, and choose eco-friendly building materials.

No matter whether you are building a single-family home or a large living complex, the materials you use will make a long-term positive impact on the local environment. Eco-friendly materials are long lasting and durable. They are also easier to maintain.

Building a multi-family location

Constructing a multi-family building with the environment in mind is not only a great way to make a larger impact on living green, but it will make you more money over time than a traditional structure.

Seek out a property manager who can appreciate the goal of your green building, and aims to uphold the sentiment of its creation. In other words, find someone who values the environment as much as you.

Install solar power abilities during the build

No matter what size or sort of building you are designing, solar power capabilities top the list for green building. Without tapping into the gigantic electrical power grid of the world, your property is far more self sufficient.

The Sun’s rays are an enormous source of energy, and there is no reason why you cannot use its energy to power your life. Solar technologies are far more affordable now than they have ever been before. Now is the time to invest in Sun power.

Energy efficient appliances and equipment

Every dwelling should come equipped with Energy Star, energy efficient appliances. Even if you are working off a solar grid, minimizing consumption is a good idea. Your home or building will be much more affordable to maintain, and far more efficient with the proper appliances. Also, installing appliances such as a sensor bin, can help you separate and recycle all your waste products with utmost priority to hygiene.

Build small and plant big

One of the most obvious ways to minimize environmental impact is to build a small structure, and plant plenty of trees around the property. Trees are great for protection and cooling a home during the hot summer months. Not to mention, adding a tree to the ground adds clean air to the Earth’s atmosphere.

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