Various Uses of a Unified Business Dashboard

DATE: Jul, 7   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Business analytics used to be a foreign concept decades ago. These days, even small businesses are already embracing the positive impact of investing in a solution that allows for complete integration of data into one dashboard. A dashboard is a visualisation of data relevant to the performance of the organisation. This, in turn, can help management efficiently access and interpret data to make concrete decisions.

Using a business dashboard to manage social media accounts

Social media presence is crucial for every business. It is a powerful marketing tool which has transformed much of how business is conducted today. Every business which has several social media accounts knows how cumbersome it can be to individually log-in to each account. A business dashboard like the Bright Analytics Platform will allow for the management and access of these platforms, as well as produce reports whilst only logged in to one page.

Another benefit of a business dashboard for social media accounts is to be able to come up with accurate analytics of the business’ performance in each channel. Social media managers can easily interpret this information and come up with solutions for perceived challenges.

Using a business dashboard for marketing analysis

In the past, analysis of data used in marketing was often done manually. Not only is the process time consuming, it can also be prone to errors. A specialised platform such as a business dashboard can help the marketing manager easily access and integrate all data coming from marketing efforts.

Similar to how corporate performance management software operates, a business dashboard can also be used to track business performance online. It helps to monitor the behavior of people who visit your website, as well as interpret web traffic. With easier access to this information, your company can employ effective strategies for improvement.

Using a business dashboard to track sales performance

A business dashboard can also include a feature that will specifically track and monitor sales performance. It allows for a beginning to end view of the entire process so that you can determine which steps require improvement. Data can also be used in business meetings which makes it more efficient for managers and leaders of the organisation.

Using a business dashboard to improve financial reports

Another excellent feature of business dashboards is the variety of options you have to present valuable business data. Those who have the task to analyse and create financial reports can have a tough time if they are asked to retrieve this data manually. Instead, with the help of data governance tools from the likes of Privacera or similar companies, data can be accessed easily, without compromising any data compliance. Moreover, they can help information to be presented in a manner that is easily understandable by the rest of the team. Complicated numbers can be visually represented for easier transfer of information.

There are many other ways by which a business dashboard can become an essential tool for any business. Contrary to the belief of many, it is not only suitable for large organizations but is, in fact, essential even for small businesses.

Reaching out to a managed IT service provider like Mission Critical Systems ( can help businesses implement a company wide business dashboard that is maintained by the said service provider.

Instead of having an internal IT team handle all of the processes, outsourcing this massive task to an exclusive IT company can be of benefit as they can not only look after the day to day smooth operation of the systems, but also ensure business data security and take care of any problems before they reach a critical stage and get a chance to disrupt company operations.

The earlier you are able to integrate organisational and operational tools into one dashboard, the easier it becomes part of the day to day business process. Business dashboards have indeed become an indispensable tool for every business today.


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