What Branding Benefits Do Jute Shopping Bags Offer?

DATE: Sep, 9   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Maybe you haven’t heard of jute, but it’s high time you did. It’s a completely natural product that can achieve full growth in just four months without the need for pesticides or insecticides. Shopping bags made from jute are a great choice because they offer exceptional branding benefits.

Here are just a few reasons you should use them.

Exceptional Durability

You can design the best bags in the world, but your efforts will count for far less than they should if the bag itself only lasts for a few uses. Jute is extremely strong – people will be able to use your bags for anything from heavy groceries to laptops and other electronics without worrying about them breaking. That means they’ll be likely to keep them around longer, which means they’ll be exposed to your branding over a longer period and form a more positive impression of your business.


Since jute can be harvested without using insecticides or pesticides, it’s considered one of the most eco-friendly products around. Jute is actually a vegetable fibre, which is why it grows so quickly and easily without needing much water. This makes it a sustainable farming crop that can support communities in impoverished areas. Better yet, it’s entirely recyclable – once people are done with your bags, they aren’t going to end up in a landfill.

Great Appearance

Jute is still something of a novel material, and that gives you points with customers and clients. When someone gets a jute bag, they know they’re getting something out of the ordinary. In some cases, that’s all that’s needed to make your business stand out. Jute is also great for printing because its soft beige colour makes colours pop.

Soft to the Touch

Jute looks quite rough, but it’s surprisingly soft. Jute bag handles won’t dig into your skin or cause discomfort, so people will like using them more. Again, the more people use your branded bag the higher their engagement with your business.

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