What Process Can You Expect When You Scrap Your Car?

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

When it comes to owning an old car, the high maintenance and repair costs might make it seem like more trouble than it’s worth. If you find yourself in this situation, there are typically two main options: sell the old car or scrap it.

To help you decide, start by checking the vehicle history. This involves looking into any accidents the car has been in, finding out how many people owned it before you, and checking the mileage. A cheap carfax report can be a handy tool for getting all these details neatly outlined.

If, after checking the report, you discover that the car is still in a usable condition, selling it might be the better choice. This way, someone else can benefit from it, and you might get a little something back for your old wheels.

Selling an old car isn’t always an option, especially if the car is in rough shape or has low mileage. When the wheels are giving out, it might make more sense to scrap the car and look for a new set of wheels. Car scrapping has been gaining popularity because recycling processes are getting better, and the value of scrapped cars keeps going up.

That said, most drivers have never scrapped a car before, so plenty are a little confused about the process. Here’s what you can expect.

Fill Out the Forms

Filling out forms used to mean heading to offices and mailing things in, but now everything is taken care of online. Simply fill in all the relevant personal and car details, being as detailed as possible to help present an accurate overview of the vehicle. If you need any assistance, it should be possible to talk with an advisor over the phone.

Get a Quote

The purpose of filling out forms in as much detail as possible is ensuring you can be given an accurate quote. Experts will determine exactly how much your car is worth before providing a competitive quote. Keep in mind that scrap car collection should really be free – remember that you can always shop around the find the best quote available. You can also search for companies that provide scrapping services. Look for the ones that can give you a good quote. You can do that by searching online with keywords like Scrap My Car or Scrap My Car Cardiff (if that’s the area of your residence). That way, you can get a good value for your old car.

Arrange the Car Collection day

Once you’ve found the perfect quote, it’s time to arrange and book a time and date for collection. You’ll confirm the price at this time, and a car collection agent will visit at the appointed date to drive your car to the nearest scrapping facility. They’ll call you before setting off to take collection, and they’ll make sure you’ve been paid in full before issuing a receipt and the appropriate paperwork. Paying cash is illegal, so payments will be conducted via direct transfers.

Start Shopping

Now your old car has been taken away to be recycled and you have its value sitting in your bank account, you get to go out and find a brand-new model!

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