Who We Are

Green Build Expo was established in London by myself, Allan Azarola, a number of years ago. Our aim is to help businesses “go green”. We provide advice on reducing your company’s carbon footprint or indeed, making your business carbon neutral.

To some, this may seem like an impossible task, but let me assure you, it’s not. Not only can your business become carbon neutral, and support the efforts of saving the environment, but, in the process, you can make considerable savings, improve your company image, gain new customers, and become part of the global campaign to save the earth.

My Background

I grew up in Barcelona and, from an early age, had a keen interest in enterprise and nature. Throughout my childhood, I was continually starting little projects and trying to make a bit of money. One of my most enterprising and profitable methods was to call to all our neighbours and collect their empty glass bottles. I would load them up in a wheelbarrow and bring them to our local shop. At that time, whenever you returned a glass bottle, you got a couple of hundred pesetas, not much, but just enough to make it worth my while. My neighbours were glad to be rid of their glass and happy to let me keep the change. Having started this little recycling service at the age of seven, I continued on right until I went off to college. As a consequence, throughout my childhood, I always had a few pesetas in my pocket. Looking back, this project gave me lots of confidence and has fuelled my ambition ever since. Perhaps, this is where my “can-do” attitude originated.

My entrepreneurial spirit drove me to study finance at college, though it was really a tossup between finance and environmental sciences. In the end, I decided to acquire knowledge in finance through formal education and pursue my love for all things environmental in my spare time.

After college, I did a lot of travelling and volunteered on a number of international environmental projects. Throughout that time, I immersed myself fully in learning about sustainable technology and business. As a volunteer, I spent my time learning from various experts and was privileged to work with some excellent environmental activists.

The intention had always been to combine my two passions, business and the environment, and try to pursue a career in both. The idea of establishing Green Build Expo lent itself perfectly to this endeavour.

Green Build Expo, London

We choose London as our base, simply because I love this city and its people. I also knew it would present me with the best opportunities to grow a successful environmental business. Choosing a major city was very much my intention, as it gives me proximity to thousands of potential clients. Since the establishment of Green Build Expo, we have helped countless companies to transition from a rather high carbon footprint to full carbon neutrality. This has been extremely satisfying, and we delight every time, we collaborate with someone in making the planet a little greener.

This Website

On this website, you will find out about best environmental practices, green technology, and ways of turning your business into an environmentally friendly company. We are here to equip you with the tools to go green!

Naturally, this website is also an environmental campaign tool, and we hope you will support our efforts to save the earth in all its natural diversity and beauty.

Lastly, this website is a green platform and meeting place for environmental experts and enthusiasts, furnishing only the greenest, most informative, in-depth content.