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Green Build Expo provides environmental advisory services to businesses in all industries. We assess our client’s environmental practices and the impact thereof. Our aim is to design a strategy to minimise the negative environmental impact of your business activity.

We also point you to the latest sustainable technologies and instruct you on ways of reducing your use of energy and production of waste.

To find out more, you can fill in the enquiry form below or contact us at allan@greenbuildexpo.co.uk.

Go Green!

I hardly need to spell out reasons for going green. Every time you switch on the television, you’ll find out about a new environmental disaster. The sad thing is, we all know the causes, and jointly, we could actually slow down or even halt the destruction of our environment.

You may say the political will for real change does not exist or that what an individual or single company does, makes little difference. However, this is simply untrue. Even if we prevent one plastic bottle from making its way into our ocean, we will have achieved something. Time is of the essence the essence and we need to act now. Each individual’s endeavours to minimise her/his carbon footprint can combine into real action and real change.

If you are unsure how you could help save the earth, get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with some simple methods.

Tell Us About Your Green Efforts

There are lots of smart and creative individuals and community groups who have organised environmental campaigns and have found new, innovative ways of recycling, reducing waste and minimising the use of energy. Recently, I was contacted by a fashion design college. Emerging designers were charged with the task of producing beautiful garments solely from recycled materials. Needless to say, the results were phenomenal. If you have come up with your own novel way of protecting or saving nature, let us know. We will publish a piece on your project and inspire others with your ideas.

Fragile Earth

We like to hear about endangered species and would like to invite experts to get in touch and share their knowledge. Raising awareness is perhaps one of the most important and effective methods to garner support for environmental protection efforts.

Sustainable Technology

The brightest minds are currently developing sustainable technologies. If you are working on groundbreaking innovations, please tell us about them and we will promote and publicise your work on our website.

Environmental Activism

If we want to save the earth for future generations, we all need to become environmental activists and thankfully, thousands of people have joined the campaign. We are proud to be working for the protection and preservation of nature on a daily basis and are continually seeking to collaborate with other green warriors.

Green Media

The media can contribute enormously to the efforts to protect the environment. If you would like to write for us, submit a guest post or make a TV/radio program about sustainable technology and green business practices, please get in touch.

Contact Details

We welcome all enquiries which includes guest posts, media enquires, general enquires, regardless of whether you are going to avail of our services or not. To contact us, you can either fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page or send an email to allan@greenbuildexpo.co.uk.

Becoming a contributor for the sake of the environment always makes for a satisfying, worthwhile experience and we would love to find a way of working with you. Jointly, we can make a real difference that will be infinitely more than just a tiny drop in the ocean. If you want to submit a guest post, then please visit our write for us page and follow the guest post guidelines.