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While our blog is designed to provide our existing and new customers with informative content about our services, we have also worked hard to use it as an educational and campaign tool.

There are two sides to each coin. On one side, we provide financial advice rooted in green practices and on the flipside we promote methods of saving the environment. Thankfully, we have been able to maintain the quality of our posts and will continue to furnish only the best material.

We are grateful to our guest contributors who have shared their knowledge and expertise and further raised the quality of our blog. Consequently, we always welcome posts submitted by others.

To submit your insightful guest post for publication, please provide us with all your details in the contact form below. Alternatively, you may drop us an email at

What Our Blog is All About

Our reasons for blogging are threefold:

  • Promotion: In our blog, we provide our clients and interested parties a deep insight into our services, approach to work, mission, and motivations. We outline in detail how our company can help your business go green. For individuals, we furnish straightforward methods of saving the environment. Our work is geared toward promoting sustainable business practices and integrating green technology in our daily activities. Ultimately, most of our daily activities, business and pleasure, need just minor adjustments to turn them green and we are here to help you do that.
  • Ethical Finance: Business and banking go hand in hand, however, there are ethical ways of financing a business and less sustainable ways. In our blog, we outline the differences and inform you accordingly.
  • Education: We strive to publish informative, educational content on all environmental issues in an effort to raise awareness and motivate people to choose a more sustainable way of life. With the help of biologists, green activists, scientist, green business developers, voluntary environmental agencies, and much more, we try to publish thought-provoking content that will inform and educate our readers.
  • Green Innovation: One of the core elements of our blog is the promotion of innovative green technology and practices all across the globe. Ingenious individuals have come up with unbelievably smart ways of protecting and promoting the survival of the earth.
  • Campaign: We would like to see all business have a neutral carbon footprint and consequently continually shout about the environment.

Topics and Title We Are Seeking Submissions on

This is a great chance for you to get published. To help you get started, we have listed the topics we like to discuss in our blog:

  • Big Businesses and Corps
  • Credits and Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Dealing with Banks
  • Financial News
  • Green Technology
  • Green Energy
  • Insurance Tips
  • Investment Ideas
  • Money Making Ideas
  • Reviews
  • Small Businesses
  • Stock Trading

As you can see, topics are related to finance and the green technology. For those struggling to craft a guest post title, here are some samples:

  • Best Green Stocks
  • Creating Green Incentive Schemes for Your Employees
  • Sustainable Growth Strategies for Small Enterprises

You may either proceed and write a guest post or contact us to discuss your concept. If you are an experienced blogger, you may send us your piece at once.

Top Publishing Opportunity

Having a guest post published on this website can benefit you in many different ways. For starters, this is not a ghostwriting gig. Your name and bio will be published alongside your post and you may indeed link your guest post to your own website. By now, we get 19’000 unique monthly readers who will gladly enjoy your words.

If you are new to blogging, this is a great chance for you to learn and gain experience, and if you are a pro, you will get yourself a whole pile of new followers.

The Process

If you would like to avail of this great publishing opportunity, please get in touch by filling in the form below. You may also email me at Provide us with as much detail as you can on both you, the guest blogger, and the post you would like to write. Written posts can be sent in as attachments.

When we hear from you, we will reply with comments and feedback and will tell you how to proceed. Some bloggers receive a publication date immediately, while we initiate a collaborative process with less experienced writers.

Promoting you as a writer is very important to us and consequently, we urge you to send us a strong bio and plenty of links to your own website and blog.

We look forward to working with you and publishing your work, perhaps you’ll soon be one of our regular contributors.