You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune Gifting Your Lover on Valentine’s Day

DATE: Apr, 4   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many are looking at their budgets nervously to see if they can afford the expenses that come with this special day. Even though it’s meant for two people’s love, Valentine’s Day usually turns out to be one of the priciest dates.

Like most people, you might feel obliged to splurge on your partner with dinner or gifts. But as a budget-conscious partner, the lavishness you’re expected to display on a single February day might be intimidating.

Thankfully, you can still celebrate your love without breaking the bank. It’ll need some creativity, though.

When stores display gift packages with a Valentine’s theme, it’s easy to feel like there are no other ways to celebrate your relationship. The good news is that your special day doesn’t need to involve heart-shaped trinkets. You don’t have to break the bank to express your love with a thoughtful gift.

Here are two options to consider.

Be intentional while shopping

For your holiday to be affordable, you have to shop with a purpose. Steer clear of the oversized bear and expensive box of chocolates. Instead, go for something more personal that your partner would love. Think about what they like most. It could be something small they’ve been wanting to get for themselves but haven’t got round to it.

If nothing comes to mind, explore online where there are thousands of pleasant and affordable gift options including:

  • A custom photo blanket with a picture of you on it so even if you’re not there, they can still snuggle up with you in bed.
  • A set of delightful cable biters. You can get your significant other a cute little cable chomper to hold their charging cable in place. It adds an adorable twist to an affordable yet practical gift.
  • A picture frame. Get a delightful picture and place their favorite picture in it. It’s a great way to add a cool, personal touch to a classic gift.
  • A custom bobblehead. Easily fixable on the dashboard of a car, or a work-desk, these Custom Bobbleheads Gifts could make a quirky, yet cute gift to remind your partner that you’re with them, wherever they may be.
  • A handy purse. A new purse is every girl’s dream. Go for a style you know she loves so she can add it to her collection.
  • A charming piece of jewelry. If your significant other adores bracelets, find one that she’ll appreciate.
  • A customized game rom. Give your gamer girl classic video game roms, and spend some quality time together.
  • A highly functional multi-tool. If your partner is a tool aficionado, get her a nifty multi-tool. It makes for a practical, affordable gift.
  • A beautiful succulent. Tiny plants are increasingly popular and are available in a variety of shapes, including heart shapes.
  • A cute onesie. Gift your girl an adorable onesie and enjoy your perfect slumber party with some pizza and coke to make the night a memorable one.
  • A stationery set. Get her an antique stationery set and include a love letter that she’ll appreciate.
  • A journal. If she loves to write, buy her a unique, well-crafted leather journal to serve as a vault for her private thoughts.

Among the best places to find all these and other gift options is at trade show displays.

Go the Homemade Way

Store-bought gifts are not the only way of expressing your love for your significant other. If you’re feeling crafty, consider going the do-it-yourself way for your Valentine’s gifts.

Interesting options include:

  • Setting up a spa day at home
  • Preparing a dessert with a Valentine’s theme
  • Watching your partner’s all-time favorite movie together
  • Arrange a romantic picnic at the park
  • Surprising your partner with their favorite dinner

If you’re short on ideas for the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift, a bit of online research can go a long way. The most meaningful gifts are usually the ones that are unique and thoughtful. Whatever idea you come up with, it will probably receive a better response than the clichéd cardboard box full of chocolates that everyone else will get for their lover.

The thought of Valentine’s Day expenses can be a little nerve-racking, but there are ways to celebrate the holiday without hurting your wallet. It’s important to show your partner how much you love them, and it’s possible to do so affordably.

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