Communities provide the best way to Greener living

DATE: Jul, 7   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Living a green life

As a society, we are not concerned enough about how the way that we live impacts our planet and the ecosystems around us. We should be constantly striving to live a more sustainable, responsible life and seeking to minimize the negative factors that affect the environment.

In terms of our housing choices, it seems that there are actually many decisions that influence how ‘green’ we are being.

This is a short article to introduce you to some key concepts that you should consider when moving or buying a house. We encourage you to analyze your property options not only in terms of the financial benefit that they may have but also the impact that they may have on the environment. You could look at a variety of options from single-family homes to chic townhouses according to your choice of affordable homes. You could look at community housing realty options like Statement Premier Real Estate if you’re from Paramount, ID and if you don’t live in the area, other master-planned community spaces in your vicinity.

Community living is much more sustainable

Living in a shared tower block type of residence is actually favourable in most areas. If you are looking to purchase in a heavily populated area, such as a busy city, then choosing a shared residence not only will save you money, but it can also save some of the earth too.

Firstly, the fact that such residences usually tower high in the sky (rather than spreading out) saves physical space in the city. This means that urban areas encroach more slowly on the neighboring wildlife and prevents nature from being disturbed.

Secondly, being part of a shared building usually means that you are part of a homeowner’s association. Many such associations often run and manage the building whilst making a commitment to sustainable methods. For example, they may ensure all waste is properly recycled rather than contributing to landfill. You can read more about other benefits of being part of a homeowner’s association here

Other things to consider for green living

There are many handy guides that suggest the best way to be more environmentally friendly regarding your household choices.

Here are some of the best options that you should consider:

Reduce the heating and improve your home’s insulation

By turning down (or even better, by turning off) your household heating you will be massively reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the environment. If you are cold, why not just add a few extra layers of clothing? This small gesture, when repeated daily over many years, will actually add up to a huge carbon emission reduction overall.

Turn off unused appliances

The little red ‘standby’ light that you see on many of your electrical items actually is suggesting that the appliance is still consuming a fair amount of energy. Why not just unplug that product until you need it again?

Don’t wash dishes by hand

Electricity consumption is not the only household culprit contributing to a neglected environment. So is wasted water. If you have an efficient dishwasher, this can actually help to reduce the amount of water used when washing dishes by up to 60%. This also means that it frees up some of your time so you can dedicate it to research other ways to be green in other aspects of your life!

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