Right Packing With the Parcel Service is Essential

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Each time, finishing the next creation, we think about packing. Wet seems that the first work is not connected, and there are a lot of variants of packaging (both ready-made and made by oneself), but still we cannot stop at any one method.

We think this is due to both the non-standard sizes of my products of different volume (well, they do not want crocheted bean caps to be placed in ready-made boxes, which are sold everywhere), and with a constant desire for perfection – We want to pack my handiwork as beautiful as possible. Many will say that it’s complicated, wrapped in a bag, put in a mail bag and ready. But … when the buyer receives his order, it should be a holiday, so the packaging should be smart in any case. When you send parcel to Russia cheap then you have to keep this in mind.

Before we share my ways of packing knitwear, we want to talk more about the functions and general requirements for the packaging of goods. We will not ship the theory, not why, but we do not think we can do without some sort of systematization of knowledge.

Requirements for packaging:

  • Packaging must ensure the safety of the goods from damage and damage. Especially relevant is the requirement for fragile creations. Such parcels are reasonably dispatched in boxes using air bubble film
  • Ensure the creation of advertising goods
  • The package must correspond to the weight and size of the goods
  • Packaging should be different from the packaging of the competitor. And this item, we think, is one of the most demanding! Creating a man-made masterpiece, do not be careless about its design.
  • It should help in the rapid identification of the manufacturer. When other words, you need to find for yourself a certain style, according to which your creations will be recognized already by packaging;
  • Create an image and match the price level. Agree, it is not rational to spend more on packaging than on the product itself.
  • So, here we come to the options for packaging our handicraft creations. We’ll tell you about some of them.

Most often we use this method of packaging when handing over the product. The package can (and should) be decorated in many different ways. The package may have a sticker or a stamp with an inscription from the store. This method is suitable for small light products. Now from ParcelABC you will have the service.

This package looks, in my opinion, at home cute and heartfelt. When such bags we send soft toys. We believe that the huge plus of this method is that such a package will last long, will be used on the farm and cause pleasant tactile impressions and memories. When adding, you can stylize the bag for any event or holiday, for example, the New Year.

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